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Chem India Pigments is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Organic Pigments and Inorganic Pingments India. Established in the 2006, we have grown leaps and bounds to become and export power house for pigments. Our 100% production is being consumed the overseas markets in.

Our manufacturing facility for organic pigments and dispersions is located in the gujarat Sate western India, about 150kms. outside ahmedabad city with a production capacity of 1500 M.T. per year.

We manufacture organic pigments and pigment preparation in a wide selection of colours and properties suited for printing inks, lacquers, paints, plastics rubber, new system and special fields such as colorants of viscose rayon, latex detergents, cosmetics, stationery etc.

Our simalite range of organic pigments is the name for pigments with above average fastness properties. Depending upon the individual grade, these well tried products are suitable for use in coatingsand printing links where outstanding fastness is essential. Moreover, our pigments because of their high tinctorial strength, good gloss excellent chemical resistance and light fastness are of particular interest to the printing ink industry.

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